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American Health Connection Headsets

american-health-connection-headset.jpg Work At Home Headsets

Smith Corona Headsets

Your source for work at home
headset equipment

To become a successful American Health Connection Patient Communication Specialist, you will need the proper headset equipment. AHC and Comfort Telecommunications Inc have joined forces to provide you with high-quality headset equipment.
The packages offered have been tested and approved as being the most efficient equipment for your needs at a
substantial discount to AHC employees only.

To avoid a residential delivery charge of $4, please place your order online
You may order here or for personal service please call AHC's dedicated headset adviser,
Kathy Marcolini 800-399-3224 ext 521
Purchase 1 set for  $76.99 or SAVE $4.00 by purchasing 2 sets for $149.98

Ultra Binaural USB

Smith Corona Ultra Binaural Headset/USB Combo


  • Top of the line 
  • Hearing on both sides
  • Flexible ULTRA noise canceling microphone
  • Quick disconnect on the line makes it convenient to unplug fromt he USB cord and walk away
  • USB features, microphone mute with flashing LED, volume control and receive volume mute
  • 6 foot cord from QD to USB
  • Replacement ear pads and other accessories available
  • 1 year repair warranty
  • Storage bag, 2 extra ear pads and a headset hanger included     Storage Bag PURCHASE NOW! CLICK HERE!