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3 Reasons To Buy Generic

Posted by Bonnie on

If you're in charge of purchasing your business's or call center's headsets, you've probably needed to purchase replacement coiled cords at some point. Static on calls, crackling in the headset speaker or dropped calls can be symptomatic of a damaged or deteriorating coiled cord.

When shopping for replacement headset or amp cords, chances are you searched for your headset manufacturer's cord (i.e. Plantronics, Jabra, VXi, etc.) and paid upwards of $30 for each cord. Many equipment buyers aren't aware that there are less costly alternatives available.

Comfort Telecommunications is a 35-year-old headset company that specializes in call center headsets, as well as aftermarket (generic) cords and accessories for Smith Corona, Plantronics, Jabra, GN Netcom, and others.


  1. Generic cords cost less. Comfort cords will save you 50% or more compared to the manufacturers' cord pricing.
  2. IT and Purchasing Departments waste thousands of dollars on name-brand cords. People in the know always look for the less-costly generic choice when shopping for headset cords.
  3. Smart people buy generic. Why pay the high prices of name-brand cords when you can buy the exact same cord at a much lower price!

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