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Posted by Bonnie on

Follow these simple steps to take proper care of your headset

1. Store the headset in the bag or box provided when not in use, or hang it on a headset hanger

2. Keep the cords as tangle-free as possible

3. Remove the headset by grabbing it above the ear pads, as shown in Fig. 1. Don’t remove it by grabbing the mic and pulling it off. This could damage the headset and may even break the mic boom arm

4. Gently remove a USB headset from the PC at the USB plug as shown in Fig. 2; don’t “yank” the cord to remove the headset

5. Keep food and drink away from your headset. Food particles or drink residue can get lodged in the mic and prevent clear audio transmission

6. Keep your headset clean, and replace ear pads every 6 months.

7. Don’t store your headset in a drawer. You might accidentally close the drawer on the cord and damage the wiring

8. Don’t wrap the cord around the headset before storing. This may cause damage to the wires in the cord resulting in static, or choppy, broken audio