Repairs In/Out Warranty

NOTE: When sending headsets to us for repair we recommend the bottom disconnect cord be included. PLEASE test all headsets before they are sent in for service. 

An RMA is not necessary to send equipment in for repair however, we do recommend that you call or email your sales representative to inform them that a package is coming in. Please download a packing form here.

When repairs are received, an inventory and evaluation of warranty status is recorded and the information is forwarded to your sales representative for review.

IN warranty repairs: During the warranty period we will repair and return your equipment to you at no charge. Customers are responsible for shipping the equipment to us regardless of warranty status. We do not send out loaner equipment during the warranty period. Warranty repair service includes, diagnostic testing, replacing cords if necessary and replacing all consumable parts such as ear pads and voice tubes. Deliberate abuse voids all warranties. We do not repair direct connect cords under warranty unless they are connected to a headset that is under warranty. 

OUT of warranty repairs: Your salesperson will contact you with your options for any out of warranty equipment. Our goal is to offer you the most cost-effective and economical solution. The cost to repair is $24.95 per headset or amplifier and includes up to a 6-month warranty. Your options will include cost comparing a repair vs trade UP for new. Trading UP is usually the best option.

$24.95 for a repair = 6-month warranty
$57.95 (sample cost) headset = 3 year warranty - $10.00 trade UP credit = $47.95 Final Cost

Your sales representative will be happy to email you a quote that will explain the best cost-effective option for you.

You may find information about our TRADE UP or TRADE IN program by clicking here.

CLEAN AND SANITIZE – This is a perfect service for call centers that have lots of working equipment however they need to be cleaned for the next user. At $7.95 per piece, headset or base,  it’s a bargain. Clean and sanitizing includes, cleaning the exterior of the equipment, replace ear pads, windscreens, voice tubes, and neatly boxed. Our standard return shipping is FEDEX ground. You can upgrade your shipping for an additional charge by contacting your sales representative. NOTE: This service does not include testing or repair of any kind. If the equipment is in obvious need of repair with a visual inspection, for example torn cords or broken parts, you will be notified. Download a packing slip here. 

Plantronics, Jabra NEW equipment repair: We do NOT repair other manufacturer’s wireless headsets. We DO NOT repair equipment for other headset manufacturers that are under their warranty. If Plantronics, Jabra or any other manufacturers' equipment is received and is covered under their warranty, we will either return the equipment to the customer or forward the equipment to the manufacturer at the customers' cost. Forwarding to another manufacturer or returning to the customer is at our discretion. For Plantronics, repairs go to and for Jabra, to



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